Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hike #13: Firelane 1, Wildwood, Chestnut, and Nature Trails

Three hikes in a row! This time, featuring the mother.

The aforementioned mother.
We started off at the trailhead for Firelane 1, which is where Mick and I finished up yesterday. We walked to the junction with the Wildwood Trail, where we took a left. Along the way, we saw a BUNCH of slugs, most likely because it had been raining throughout the day.

We meandered along the Wildwood Trail until we reached the Chestnut trail, where we took a right.

Then we walked along the Chestnut Trail until it met up with Leif Erikson Drive. After a very short walk along Leif Erikson, we found the Nature Trail and turned right.

We accidentally completed the connector trail between the Nature Trail and Wildwood Trail, but I eventually realized my mistake and got us back on track. We continued walking along the Nature Trail until we met back up with Firelane 1, which we then took back to the car.

While walking along the Nature Trail, I got stung by a plant that I tried to move out of my way, and it made my fingers burn and swell. Stinging nettle, perhaps?

Below is the route we took, outlined in big, fat red marker.

After our hike, we went up to Council Crest to enjoy the sunset and a surprise rainbow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hike #12: Wildwood Trail & Firelane 1

Another after-work hike AND another hike along the Firelane 1 trail! This time with my pal, Mick.

We drove out to the NW 53rd Trailhead and started hiking north along the lovely Wildwood Trail.

Always with the slugs...
We passed the junction with the Alder Trail and continued until we reached the intersection with the Firelane 1 trail, where we took a left.

This then spit us out onto NW Forest Lane, which we walked along to reach NW 53rd and then walk back to the car.

Google Maps says we hiked a little over 3 miles.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hike #11: Leif Erikson Drive & Firelane 1

Another after work hike! This time, along Leif Erikson Drive and Firelane 1.

I rode the streetcar out to NW Portland and then got a Lyft to take me the rest of the way to the start of the Leif Erikson trail. At the trailhead, there is a sign warning hikers about aggressive barred owls in the area:

Walking along Leif Erikson was lovely as always, especially now that the fall colors are starting to arrive.

A little ways after mile marker 3, I came across the Firelane 1 trail to my right. I am very glad I was going downhill on this trail, as it was quite steep and very narrow.

I came across a section of the trail where there were several slugs slithering across the trail.

I startled the orange slug, and it scrunched up into a ball.
I would not classify Firelane 1 as kid friendly. As I mentioned before, it is quite steep and narrow, and there are sections where the trail has eroded. However, you get some great views looking over the Willamette and towards downtown.

And of course, I had to take an obligatory it's-almost-fall-so-I'm-going-to-hold-a-giant-leaf-in-front-of-my-face photo.

In total, I hiked about 4.5 miles. My route is marked in black on the map below (since Google Maps doesn't recognize Firelane 1).

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hike #10: Springville Rd, Wildwood Trail, Ridge Trail, & Firelane 7

Today I went on an after work hike with Alyssa, a new friend who recently moved from Texas to Oregon. We drove out to the Springville Road trailhead, which connects you to both the Springville Road and Firelane 7 trails. We went left at the fork to take the Springville Road trail.

Despite how hot and dry it has been lately, we actually came across a banana slug!

Springville Road eventually met up with the Wildwood Trail, and we turned right to hike along the Wildwood Trail for a couple of miles. It was lovely, as the Wildwood Trail always is.

We passed the junction with the Hardesty Trail and continued until we reached the Ridge Trail, where we took a right.

This connected us with the Firelane 7 trail, where we took a right and walked until we got back to the parking lot.

It's not even September yet, but it looks like some fall colors are already starting to arrive in Forest Park!

Google Maps doesn't seem to recognize the Ridge Trail, so the best I can do is show you a picture of my map with the trail marked in black. In total, I think it came out to just under 3 miles.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hike #9: Wildwood Trail to Washington Park

I've been hiking all over southern British Columbia for the last couple of weeks - which was AHmazing - but now I am back to my Forest Park All Trails Challenge!

Today I did a short little hike along the Wildwood Trail, starting at Burnside and making my way to the Wildwood trailhead inside Washington Park.

After a little while, I came to a Redwood Deck, which was a great spot to take a break and enjoy the trees and the views.

The trail winds throughout Washington Park and Hoyt Aboretum, crossing several roads. It also takes you past an archery range, where I got to see some archery in action.

While walking along the trail, I came across a chip bag that was just left on the side of the trail. I picked it up and carried it with me until I came across a garbage can so I could throw it away. Pick up your trash, people!!

Towards the end of the trail, you come to a viewpoint, which on a clear day would allow you to easily see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.  I was able to spot both mountains today, though it's difficult to tell in this picture.

Upon completing the trail, I walked to the MAX station by the Zoo and headed home. In total, I walked a little over 3 miles.

With a little less than 2 months left to complete the All Trails Challenge, I've still got many miles to go, so I've got to go on longer and more frequent hikes. Lets do this!